Maipu Takes You to Travel in Beijing

Currently, Maipu intelligent bus Wi-Fi multimedia solution (hereinafter referred to as Maipu iBus solution) is successfully applied to the first Beijing antiquing tourism route "Dangdang", involving Maipu bus E3G intelligent operation & maintenance platform, authentication platform, content management platform, and BMT2000 intelligent bus device. This is another success application of Maipu iBus solution.

The first antiquing tourism route in Beijing uses the "Dangdang" as the carrier. The whole vehicle adopts the LED screen, vehicle video surveillance, GPS positioning, and employs Maipu iBus solution. Through combining the Wi-Fi access and the multimedia terminals deployed on "Dangdang" and the station, Maipu iBus solution provides the multimedia information service integrating wireless Internet access, advertisement push, information searching, and intelligent station for the bus system and passengers and builds the three-dimensional public transportation information application platform. Since its debut in Oct., 2013, Maipu iBus solution has been playing an important role in the smart city construction in multiple cities nationwide.

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