Maipu "Mere One" Shines in Germany CeBIT


From Mar. 16 to Mar. 20, 2015, with 'Make IT Intelligent", Maipu attends CeBIT 2015 in Germany with the "Mere One" enterprise integrated solution, "MyAir" WLAN solution, ISP solution, and new business mode to the traditional data communication network delivery mode.

During the exhibition, Maipu pioneered "Mere One" enterprise integrated solution attracts worldwide attention, pushing the exhibition to a new high. This solution integrates the routing, switching, 3G/4G, wireless AC/AP, PoE, and voice functions. It directly reduces the purchase and maintenance cost by over 20% and decreases the 2/3 device maintenance quantity. Maipu promotes the new wireless product series——"MyAir" WLAN solution which applies to the enterprises and operators, including AirM AC, AirCore AP, and AirEdge CPE complete product line. It provides urban hotspot coverage and rural wireless bandwidth coverage. In addition, Maipu also promotes the IoT-based iBus cloud solution for bus customers. Moreover, Maipu puts forward a new business mode by combining lease mode and service mode, the one and only company, who proposes such an idea to change the traditional data communication network delivery.

In the CeBIT2015 keynote speech, Mr. Jack Wang, Maipu VP, introduces Maipu's development in global market in the past 22 years and shares Maipu's lease service mode and local business mode in Europe, which acquires highly recognition and support among European customers.

At this exhibition, visitors from telecom/ISP, bank, government, hotel, education, and enterprise discuss products and solutions with Maipu at the booth and look forward to further cooperation in the future. Mr. Matthias, Ministry of Germany Bremen Investment Authority Asia Department, even visits Maipu booth and speaks highly of Maipu's new technology and new idea. 

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