From May 12 to May 15, 2015, with 'Make IT Intelligent", Maipu attends 27th SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW 2015in Moscow, Russia with the "Mere One" enterprise integrated solution, "MyAir" WLAN solution and high-end switching and routing devices.

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During the exhibition, Maipu pioneered "Mere One" enterprise integrated solution attracts worldwide attention, pushing the exhibition to a new high. This solution integrates the routing, switching, 3G/4G, wireless AC/AP, PoE, and voice functions. It directly reduces the purchase and maintenance cost by over 20% and decreases the 2/3 device maintenance quantity. In addition, it is easy to expand and easy to purchase. Maipu promotes the new wireless product series——"MyAir" WLAN solution which applies to the enterprises and operators, including AirM AC, AirCore AP, and AirEdge CPE complete product line. It provides urban hotspot coverage and rural wireless bandwidth coverage.

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In addition to the solution, Maipu displays its routing and switching products from aggregation to access and from high-end to low-end. Wherein, MyPower S6600 series 10 Gigabit aggregation routing switch draws the most attention. This device not only greatly enhances the user production efficiency and ensures the maximum network normal operating time, but also decreases the customer's total cost of ownership. It can also cooperate with Maipu full series switch to provide comprehensive WAN and LAN solution for the finance, operator, government, energy, transportation, and education users, which is extensively applied to the network aggregation and access in various industries. In addition, Maipu MP7300-06 new-generation 10 Gigabit concentrated service aggregation router also receives much concern. This device not only has rich interface types and high-performance IPsec, but also green and energy-saving, applicable to operator, finance, and government customers and the aggregation network services of large- and middle-sized enterprise users. Moreover, Maipu also demonstrates its new launched "MyAir" series wireless product. It has wider signal coverage, and is more reliable and stable.

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At this exhibition, visitors from telecom/ISP, bank, government, education, and hospital in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan shows great interest in Maipu products and solutions. They discuss with Maipu at the booth and look forward to further cooperation in the future.

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