With the solution test of half a year, Maipu finally stands out from the major M2M solution providers and successfully wins the bidding of Thailand smart bus project with a total of 2000 buses.

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This is the first cooperation of Maipu and Thailand largest Media company——PlanB Media, and is also the first smart bus project in Thailand. Maipu can stand out from a number of competitions and become the first company of building the smart bus city in Thailand, because Maipu smart bus solution has already been applied to tens of thousands of buses successfully in China, and besides, the end-to-end integrity of Maipu smart bus solution can provide high-quality smart bus Internet service for the customer. Maipu smart bus solution contains the core platform formed by multiple systems and the matching bus terminal, using the 3G/4G lines of the carrier to provide multiple service modes, such as bus video, wifi, and local content. Moreover, Maipu can perform the customized development according to the actual requirement of the customer and use Maipu public transport multimedia information service system solution to help the customer focus more energy on the business operation, combining the customer's own resource and geographical features to provide multiple service modes for the mobile users on the bus and complete the own business operation.

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Up to now, hundreds of millions of passengers enjoy the high-quality Internet services provided by Maipu smart bus solution every day. Currently, Maipu already occupies the largest smart bus market share in China. Maipu overwhelming success in the bidding of Thailand smart bus project causes great interest and frequent consultation of the government, telecom operators and media companies from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries.

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