With the solution discussion and customized development of half a year, Maipu adopts iMedia solution to defeat multiple media solution companies from Asian countries and win Malaysia largest advertisement media cloud project. The project plans to deploy thousands of advertising screens in the government, airport, subway, hospital, university and other public places of Malaysia to spread the government information and commercial advertising. It is expected to become the largest multimedia cloud system of Malaysia, even the whole Southeast Asia.



Maipu uses iMedia cloud system to set up the cloud platform and place it on the largest commercial data center AIMS of Malaysia, so as to help Simfoni manage and release multimedia advertising and information in a unified manner. Maipu iMedia cloud system is the carrier-class network smart media service solution of integrating network, business, management and service, realizing smart play control, real-time play monitoring, smart operation and maintenance management, large-scale distributed deployment, advertising editing, advertising auditing, advertising play and authority separation, and solving the management disadvantages when the traditional enterprise-class digital sign is deployed in a large scale. To help the customer develop the advertising business, Maipu also performs the customized development for the special demands of the customer, integrating the instant communication into the system and associating with the promotion platform of the government closely, so as to realize the localized application of iMedia by customizing.

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