Mar. 2017, Maipu SDN switch NSS6600-03, NSS5820-54XF, NSS4320-52TF won the OpenFlow v1.3 Certificate of Conformance from ONF. It indicates that Maipu SDN switch reaches commercial deployment level.

Maipu SDN switch is a new generation of multi-service high-performance Ethernet switch products based on high performance CPU and switching chip. It is launched for the industries such as the campus network and data center application scenarios. The certified NSS6600-03, NSS5820-54XF, and NSS4320-52TF switches can meet the 10G aggregation and TOR access requirement of the data center, large/middle campus network.

Recent years, Software defined network (SDN) and network virtualization are gradually becoming the development trend of the new network architecture. As the most important core technology standard of SDN, OpenFlow has become the key part of SDN architecture. With the speedup of the SDN globalization and commercial deployment, the OpenFlow protocol has become an important index of measuring whether the product is suitable for SDN industry layout. OpenFlow 1.3 is the commercial SDN standard specified by ONF. It is the unique authority certification of whether the equipment in the SDN field is in compliance with the OpenFlow standard. The network equipment gains the OpenFlow 1.3 consistency certificate, indicating that the SDN technology of the network equipment reaches the commercial deployment level.

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